Bronzed Kitchen Glass Splashback

Bronzed Kitchen Glass Splashback

Our bronzed glass splashbacks are made from 6mm toughened opti glass, and are polished on all edges. There is a minimum charge of £37.50 for any bronzed glass splashback under 0.25 square meters.

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Our bronzed glass splashbacks are made from 6mm toughened opti clear glass, and are polished on all edges.

Adding Clear shield to your order will provide you with a 6K surface protection system specifically designed to protect glass using Nano technology to provide a hydrophobic, water repelling coating. The hydro- and oleo phobic effects makes it difficult for particles of contamination such as grease and dirt to adhere and allows them to be easily removed without applying abrasive agents giving an 'easy-clean' effect.

Sizing: All toughened glass has a 1-2mm tolerance on the sizes. As the glass is toughened it is heated and cooled repeatedly. This causes the glass to expand and contract slightly during the process and can effect the overall measure on width or height - thus the tolerance/expansion gap guide.

Drill Holes: If ordered with drill holes the will be placed 25mm in from each edge, unless stated otherwise.

Adhesive If using adhesive, we recommend that you purchase with the order as some others can react with the paint/print on the back of the splashback.

Truwash SplashbacksUK Cleaner 250ml

Specially created to maintain your splashbacks's original shine.  Made using the softest Northern Irish water, it has been design to remove microscopic salts and mineral. It is 100% natural and chemical free.

Truwash  cleaner can be used on Glass , Steel or Marble splashback's to leave a streak free finish. 

Can also be used for any glass surface that you want to be streak free. Try it on TV, Tablets, phone screens (even inside windows you'll be amazed at the results).

For best results, use TruWash sparingly – a little goes a long way, and fold the Polishing Cloth as you go in order to keep it as dry as possible.  

Caution: may cause addiction to cleaning.

 Truwash SplashbacksUK Microfibre Cloth

This cloth is specially designed to deliver the best results with TruWash Splashback Cleaner. 

You won’t believe your eyes when you see how quickly and effortlessly you can clean glass, work tops, car windscreens, stainless steel, shower doors and more.For best results fold the Polishing Cloth as you go in order to keep it as dry as possible.    IMPORTANT: Please refrain from using fabric softener when washing your TruWash Professional Glass Polishing Cloth as this will result in streaked surfaces and no-one wants that, right?